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Posted ByTitleCreateExpectationAchieve
HelloBianca14 $830,000 and $1,000 overnight04/10/201404/15/2014Not yet
HelloBianca14 Dream Body overnight04/10/201404/14/2014Not yet
HelloBianca14 The Power to Grant Unlimited Wishes04/10/201404/13/2014Not yet
Ehowe83 Need a mattress02/22/201408/21/2014Not yet
sonali i want to top my college09/22/201303/21/2014Not yet
shadvall Different Kind of Love Story08/01/201301/28/2014Not yet
jane8888 Memorial a tribute to WWII 'comfort women'08/01/201301/28/2014Not yet
shadvall Full-bodied flavor of heroic symphonic poem Scotland07/31/201301/27/2014Not yet
jane8888 ‘Legend of Conan’ Update Potential Casting, Budget, Score & 3D07/31/201301/27/2014Not yet
shadvall Song Lin did nothing wrong assumption07/30/201301/26/2014Not yet
jane8888 Justin Long to Woo Mom's Anna Faris; CBS Comedy Also Nabs Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer07/30/201301/26/2014Not yet
shadvall "National quad-core" AMD coming revival07/29/201301/25/2014Not yet
shadvall Samurai Trilogy: Yamada Yoji Bushido bulk boutique07/28/201301/24/2014Not yet
jane8888 New ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Trailer Will Arrive Next Month07/26/201301/22/2014Not yet
shadvall "Hugo": Martin Scorsese's Centennial dream trip07/25/201301/21/2014Not yet
jane8888 ‘Fruitvale Station’ Director07/25/201301/21/2014Not yet
shadvall Full snow people good at running07/24/201301/20/2014Not yet
jane8888 Consumer optimism hits a high07/24/201301/20/2014Not yet
shadvall "Orphan": the secrets of orphans, Chen Kaige's Secret07/23/201301/19/2014Not yet
jane8888 The Dancing Captain America of Comic-Con 201307/23/201301/19/2014Not yet